January 31, 2017

Pechan-river Gold Prospecting Place/Japan

This place is near “Usotan-nai Gold Panning Park”, and can dig placer gold in the actual river. There are instructors and you can borrow gold pan, shovels and boots.
The "Gold Festival" is held in August, there is the competition to compete how much gold can be collected within 1 hour in the river
Also, you can experience gold panning in the pool at the nearby roadside station "Pinneshli".

Address: Peichan Nakatonbetu-tyo Esashi-gun Hokkaido Japan

[Gold digging in Pechan River]

[Gold panning in water tank at roadside station ”Pinneshiri”

January 27, 2017

Usotan-nai Gold Panning Park/Japan

In this area at the northern end of Hokkaido, the gold rush occurred around 1900.  “Usotan-nai” is a gold prospecting place where you can dig placer gold in an actual river using Japanese traditional tools "Uriita" and "Katcha".  
There are instructors, gold digging tools and boots are rented for a fee. You can’t use gold pan or sluice in the park.
In 2002, World Gold Panning Championship was held at the shore of “Lake Kutcharo” in Hamatonbetsu Town.  Many photos of the world gold panning championship are decorated in the guest houses at the gold panning park.

Address: Hamatonbetsu-tyo Esashi-gun Hokkaido Japan

[Photos and results at 2002 World Gold Panning Championship- Hamatonbetsu]

January 20, 2017

The place where gold panning is done in Japan

Japan was introduced as the golden country "Zipangu" in the past. There were many mines that produced gold, but now they are almost scrapped and there are few places for tourists.
Although there are people who dig gold  in a natural river as a hobby, the amount that can be taken is small.
I summarized the information in a table that contains gold panning competitions ,experience places for gold panning, and mine tourist facilities.
The details of these facilities are described from the next articles.

Facilities relate to gold in Japan

A: competition
       B: gold panning in pool, C: gold panning in river
       D: mine tourism


Name of Facility






Usotan-nai Gold Panning Park



Pechan-river Gold Prospecting Place


Rekifune-river: Gold Minig Experience



Osarizawa Mine



Tenpyou Romankan




Gold Park Narumi




Sado Gold Mine




Sado Nishimikawa Gold Park



Oppara Dream Union


Yu-no-oku Museum of Gold Mining History



Toi Gold Mine



Ikuno Silver Mine




Maintopia Besshi




Mikawa Mu-valley




Taio Gold Mine



Hosokura Mine-park




Tachiyazawa-river: Gold Prospecting





Esashi-Fujiwara Heritage Park





Satsuma Kinzangura




Map of facilities related to gold in Japan

January 13, 2017

Opportunity for the gold panning

The oportunity of gold panning is when I read two books.
Books are” Gold panning in Hokkaido” by Kimio Kato and “Legend of gold panning” by Toyo Waki in the 1970s.

I was interested that the roman still exists in Japan.

I could not get the information for gold panning on the Internet because there was no computer.
I saw the article of production data in each river at the National Diet Library.

Production was very small. It became one of the reasons that there is no interest in gold panning.

author Kimio Kato” Gold panning in Hokkaido

author Toyo Waki “Legend of gold panning”

January 12, 2017

Sayuri Yoshinaga and "The dream at any time”

Mrs. Sayuri Yoshinaga is the most famous singer and actress in Japan.
In the 1960s, the song and the movie of "The dream at any time" had become a hot topic.

I prefer her recent than her old.
If she says "Have a dream at any time" to me, my chest will flutter (heart rate increases).
However, it becomes "everything are dream" for old man.

I have not good hobby and dreams now.
Recent my hobby is trip and gold panning, it is far from the dream that youth have.
When it comes to the elderly, the borderline of this world and the other world is unclear, I feel like a dream for the things and events.

     Colored paper that Sayuri Yoshinaga wrote


January 11, 2017

HATSUYUME(Year's first dream)

In Japan, when you see the dream in the three days of the New Year, there is a superstition that luck visits in that year. There is rank of the dream, the first is “Mt. Fuji”, the second is “Taka(Hawk)”, and the third is “Nasubi(Eggplant)”. I have never seen that dream unfortunately.

I have decided to use the photo of Mt. Fuji for the New Year's card from about 10 years ago.  The reason for using the photo of Mt. Fuji is that I’m very busy in December for agriculture, so I can’t write a comment in the New Year's card. If I send a photo of Mt. Fuji with no comment, I hope that my friends will be satisfied.

I decorate sometimes a "hanging scroll with hawk" that I received from relative. This is not something by famous painter, but we like it so bitter old.

Tea ceremony teacher give me the "candied eggplant" every year.

Since three things (1Fuji, 2Taka, 3Nasubi) are aligned, I wish safety and good luck for the people about the gold panning.

New Year's card

Old hanging scroll with hawk

Candied eggplant

January 10, 2017


I am Japanese. Recently, I am looking forward to the journey and the gold panning.
In the old days of Japan, workers could not get a long term vacation. It is a rarely be able to go to foreign travel.
I was interested in the gold panning since the 1970s, but the opportunity was not visited until the old man.
I recently can obtain much information on the Internet. It is trying to realize the dream of long years.
I'm trying to write about the journey on gold panning and the information on gold panning in Japan.
In Japan, there is a proverb of the “TENARAI(to learn new things) from the age of 50 ”.  But, I will challenge to write this blog of English from the 70 years old.

Placer gold collected in Hokkaido